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Some of their reasons for switching to our CMOS USB-2 Cameras:

  • No more Frame Grabbers and its inherent compatibility issues with IRQ's and PCI bus throughput.
  • CMOS technology provides faster frame rates than CCD. Most of our CMOS black and white and color cameras are now all shipping with 10 bits resolution
  • There is no longer a need for external power supplies.
  • Now you can use anybody's imaging software most software packages support DirectShow®
  • USB-2 speed is 480 mbits or 60 Mbytes this is like PCI 2.1 bus
  • Triggering is available on our secondary Hirose connector
  • USB-2 can be extended see extender above
  • Firewire II i.e. 1394B (800 Mbps) is not available on most computers so you need an interface card AGAIN--Back to square one! USB II is better and less expensive than Firewire!!!
  • They need or enjoy the low power consumption of CMOS vs CCD

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