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Viewbits is a division of a company in existence for over 20 years. We gained our vision industry experience selling frame grabbers and CCD Cameras. Our engineering team now consists of 4-5 engineers... Our core competency includes LabVIEW™Software, Rugged and Unusual cameras for Military applications, USB-2 cameras, CMOS cameras, and X Ray cameras.  Naturally we offer camera design services to OEMs who wish to purchase custom versions of our cameras. Due to our success and growth, recently we have made a decision to expand to new areas including custom imaging software.

Viewbits has 2 engineering teams. Each engineering team is available to do custom designs. Our expertise is in:

  • USB-2
  • GUI  development using LabVIEW™ and C++
  • Image Processing Functions in ASICs
  • CMOS sensor cameras
  • X-ray camera design
  • Miniature remote head cameras

Pioneer in X-Ray Imaging

We are fortunate to be in a position to now commercialize low cost X-Ray cameras. Our X Ray team has the "know how" to bond FO tapers to the sensors of standard 2/3 in CCD cameras and then apply Gd OS scintillation layers to the surface. We hand craft most of these cameras in our labs.


We are currently looking for a sales person. Contact us at hr@viewbits.com.

Location and Map

We are located in Rancho Bernardo, part of San Diego.

11409 West Bernardo Court
San Diego, CA 92127

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